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Pullovers & Pennants: 1970-1989

Focus on Sport / Getty Images

Focus on Sport / Getty Images

As the Pirates entered the seventies, they embraced the new baseball fashions.

The pullover was in. From 1970 to 1976, there was no change to the jerseys script or number aesthetic. The jersey, not common for the era, featured a crew neck.

In 1977, the team took to making their jersey tops V-necks. A multitude of jerseys were made for the team. There was the white with yellow and black pinstripes jersey. The plain white jersey, which was not brought back until the 1980 season. A solid yellow top was added. The most notable being the solid black jersey. During this run, the team had an equal amount of pant options. From pinstripes, solid white, yellow, and black, the team had numerous color combinations to wear.

By 1985, Pittsburgh toned down their V-necks. The team reverted back to the white home and gray away jersey styles they originally had in the early seventies.

The Pirates wore quite a few different hats in this period. The crewneck jerseys had the gold with black bill and black “P” hat. When the team went to  V-necks, the pillbox hat took over. It came in a black with yellow stripes and “P” or yellow with black stripes and “P”. The most iconic look was the added “Stargell” stars teammates earned from the Pirates captain. It truly was a sign that they were family. In 1987, the team went back to the solid black, yellow “P” lid.

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