Classic Threads: Pittsburgh Pirates

Return to Vests: 2001-2008

Brian Bahr / Getty Images

Brian Bahr / Getty Images

A new century and a new look for Pittsburgh. The Pirates decided they were done with sleeves and opted for black undershirts.

The home uniforms, simplified their “Pirates” front script. It got thinner, but the was no change to the layout. The back name and number took on the same layout, with both black with a yellow outline. The team also had a black pinstripe alternate jersey.

The road grays (back) changed the front script font. The team opted out of cursive and put “Pittsburgh” in the same style as the home script font. Also dropped was the black pinstripes as the team went to a solid gray vest.

In a decision that did not receive well with fans was a red vest alternate uniform in 2007. It made few appearances and was not missed when the team ditched them. The team still wore the black short sleeve jersey as well. It was a slightly better look than the red top.

The team’s main hat was the iconic black with yellow “P” cap. For the alternate jersey, the red brim, yellow with red trim “P” hat was worn.

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