Classic Threads: Pittsburgh Pirates

Iron City Classics: 2009-Present

Charles LeClaire / USA TODAY Sports

Charles LeClaire / USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh got over its vest phase and went back to a more classic look.

The home jerseys were a plain white short sleeve top. The “Pirates” script font along with the player name and number  to keep the same style as the previous era. It should be noted a white, black pinstriped vest survived for a few seasons.

The same can be said for the road grays (back). They kept the “Pittsburgh” script and the same font style as the home uniforms. A big plus for font symmetry.

Added was a drastically improved black alternate top. It no longer looked like a crappy, hastily made softball top.

The team also made a throwback (back) early seventies jersey as a home alternate look.

It was nice to see the pirate head patch remain on the sleeve. I also love the added black and yellow trim on the collar.

Pittsburgh decided they need two similar styled black with yellow “P” hats. Frankly I never cared for the added trim on the newer black lid. I love the simplicity of the yellow with no trim “P”.

Next up will be the St. Louis Cardinals on Classic Threads

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