Five Major Questions for the 2016 Minnesota Twins

Jim Mone - Associated Press

Jim Mone – Associated Press

Will the addition of Byung-ho Park bring the power bat they hope, and how much will it change things?

On paper, slugger Byung-ho Park looks like a hitting machine.  He slammed 53 home runs last year in the KBO, but we all know that hitting in international leagues, and the MLB, are two different animals. Still, if he can even come close to his 2015 output, he should be an upgrade at the DH position, and provide some support for young slugger Miguel Sano.

It’s always fun when a superstar makes the leap from one country to another. Fans love the media show, and in many cases, the players live up to every bit of their potential. If Park can (sue me for the pun) keep hitting them out of the park… he could make a big impact on the offensive production of the 2016 Twins.

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