Five Major Questions for the 2016 Minnesota Twins

Tony Gutierrez - Associated Press

Tony Gutierrez – Associated Press

Assuming that Jose Berrios will debut this season, will he live up to his potential?

Jose Berrios won a minor league strikeout title in 2015 with 175. He pitched a career high 166 innings. Rather than weakening as the season progressed, Berrios posted a 35/1 K/BB ratio in September. He has been strong through Double-A and Triple-A, and if you listened to fans in 2015, he should have been brought up sooner during the Wild Card race last September.

Considering the level of talent that the Twins have in contention for slots in the rotation, it seems likely that Berrios will be fighting for one of them come spring. The team may hold him back a month or so of the season to retain control, but there’s little doubt if there is an injury or a starter drops for whatever reason, Berrios is going into that rotation. Much like the transition for Park from KBO, 2016 brings the question of how Berrios will stand up to MLB hitting. A break-out, solid performance could bolster a shaky rotation and provide yet another solid reason for fans to be optimistic.

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