Five Major Questions for the Marlins in 2016

Photo Courtesy: Joe Skipper/Getty Images North America

2. Can Dee Gordon Repeat His 2015 Performance?

There is no question that the success of the Marlins offense starts and ends with Giancarlo Stanton.

If he is healthy and hitting for average, and in particular for power with men on base and in scoring position, the Marlins offense is going to be better off.

However, I will argue that Dee Gordon is just as important for the Marlins lineup as Stanton is.

Gordon is the table setter at the top of the lineup leading the team in hits (205), stolen bases (58), and batting average (.333), categories that leadoff hitters have to excel in.

In my mind, Gordon is one of, if not, the best leadoff hitters in baseball. Gordon is the main reason why Stanton can drive in so many runs.

If Gordon can put up the same or close to the same numbers he did last season, the Marlins offense will be in good shape especially if they can keep the outfield healthy.

Ken Rosenthal is reporting tonight that the Marlins and Gordon have an agreement in principle for a five year, $50 million dollar deal.

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  1. Al-Kendall

    Good questions!
    I believe some answers should be more or less as follows:

    1. Ozuna will not hit 30 HR or get 30 SB. Hopefully, he will be closer to 2014 than to 2015. Yes, his 2015 demotion to AAA helped him play better in the second half.

    2. Jackson and Phelps are more unlikely to be part of the 2016 Marlins rotation than Conley, Cosart, and Koehler.

    3. Capps and Ramos should share the closer role during 2016. Alternating their opportunities will allow both to pitch better. However, the question for Mattingly will be how to use the rest of the bullpen when most of his SP will not get through the 6th. The Marlins will be lucky to get QS from others outside of Fernandez and Chen.


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