Which MLB players could make it in the NFL?


Source: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images North America

The NFL playoffs are in full swing, as last weekend’s Wild Card games showed us, and this weekend is sure to bring more excitement. In honor of this year’s NFL playoffs, some of the senior writers at Baseball Essential thought it would be fun to formulate a football team comprised of active Major League Baseball players. The recent youth movement in the MLB has brought in a new wave of highly-skilled and highly-athletic players to go along with a handful of others who have a football background. This made the exercise of drafting a football team much easier, as the talent pool from which to choose these players has become quite large.

However, because the average NFL lineman, both on offense and defense, far outweighs (Dmitri Young is retired) anyone in Major League Baseball (with the possible exception of Jumbo Diaz, generously listed at 280 pounds, and Bartolo Colon at 265 pounds) I have decided to only list players at skill positions. In any case let’s get started with the offense and see if this team looks anything like the ones we will be watching this weekend.

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  1. Casey Hanna

    I was surprised to see that El Oso Blanco did not make the cut. Im sure he could put a hurtin’ on some guys coming across the middle.



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