Which MLB players could make it in the NFL?


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Outside Linebackers: Chris Davis and Bryce Harper

I chose these two players for different reasons, with each being very valuable as it pertains to disrupting the quarterback. Davis possesses the size necessary to take on blocks while also having the strength to fight through them. Davis hits home runs to all fields, and does it with a relatively easy, relaxed swing. He’ll need to develop a little more tenacity to beat NFL offensive tackles, but Davis has all the tools that teams look for (if they were picking pass rushers from MLB teams). Harper brings another element to the defensive front: tenacity. Harper plays baseball with maximum effort at all times, and his hustle and determination will play well as he rushes from the weakside linebacker spot.

NFL Comparisons: Connor Barwin and Brian Orakpo

Inside Linebackers: Kyle Schwarber and Jeff Francoeur

Both of these guys bring some experience, as both were standout defensive players in high school. Schwarber was a linebacker in Ohio who made second-team all-state his senior year before signing with Indiana on a baseball scholarship. Francoeur was an all-state cornerback and wide receiver in Georgia, and was committed to play football for Clemson before being drafted by the Braves in the first round in 2002. With their instincts and size, both should be capable linebackers.

NFL Comparisons: James Laurinaitis and Keith Brooking

Cornerbacks: Mookie Betts and Jarrod Dyson

For the cornerback positions I chose two of the fastest players in baseball, both of whom play outfield very well and have the ability to track the ball. Betts has no football experience, as his mom forbid him from playing when he was young, but he plays the outfield with reckless abandon and should be able to cover pretty well with his leaping ability and agility. Dyson played football in high school, and even had a chance to play in college before choosing to sign with the Royals after being drafted in 2006. While he was a running back in high school, Dyson certainly has the speed to cover receivers, and if his base stealing ability is any indication, he gets up to speed very quickly.

NFL Comparisons: Logan Ryan and Brent Grimes

Safeties: Mike Trout and Yasiel Puig

These are two of the league’s best athletes, who combine power and speed that would play very well at safety. Trout is regarded as one of baseball’s best all-around players, and with his stocky build he would make an excellent strong safety. Having Trout play in the box would undoubtedly make receivers think twice before coming across the middle. At free safety, Yasiel Puig‘s playing style on the baseball field would convert nicely to the gridiron. Puig is considered by many to be somewhat flashy, but he gets results, and at free safety he would have the opportunity to roam the secondary and play the ball. Puig seems like the type that would not settle for just an interception, but rather the type that would be looking to score on defense every time the ball was in the air.

NFL Comparisons: Deone Buccanon and Rod Woodson

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