Which MLB players could make it in the NFL?


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Head Coach: Jonny Gomes

This guy is all about energy. If anybody in baseball could get a football team ready to play, I think Jonny Gomes would be the one. He might not know the X’s and O’s as well as others, but he is a great motivator and great speaker, as evidenced by his World Series parade speech.

NFL Comparison: Rex Ryan

Offensive Coordinator: Joe Maddon

He’s always been innovative as a manager, and if he can add some of that flare to the offense it could make for some must-see football. Maddon is also a great leader, and with the interesting lineups he puts on the field as a baseball manager, I would be interested to see what kind of crazy ideas he would have about running an offense on the football field.

NFL Comparison: Sean Payton (not an OC, but one of the best offensive minds in football history)

Defensive Coordinator: A.J. Pierzynski

Pierzynski has always had a reputation as a hard-nosed player, almost to a fault, but that kind of tenacity is exactly the attitude I would want running my defense. As a catcher, Pierzynski is already familiar with leading young players, so coaching would not be a stretch for him. Pierzynski certainly brings a football mentality to the baseball diamond, and he can take a punch, just ask Michael Barrett.

NFL Comparison: Gregg Williams

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  1. Casey Hanna

    I was surprised to see that El Oso Blanco did not make the cut. Im sure he could put a hurtin’ on some guys coming across the middle.



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