Who are the sleeper teams for Chris Davis?

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees

Credit: Rich Schultz / Getty Images North America

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox do not have to worry about money or the luxury tax. That has been made crystal clear in recent years. Still, they remain a deep, deep sleeper for Davis. To see Chris Davis landing in Boston, either Hanley Ramirez or Pablo Sandoval would have to be moved. That’s unlikely to happen unless the Red Sox are willing to pay another team to take a disappointing player off their hands. The Red Sox could also look to play Davis in the outfield, but so far this offseason there has been no big push to trade one of the young outfielders for starting pitching.

With David Ortiz retiring, the Red Sox could potentially be in the market for a new left-handed power bat. Were Chris Davis hitting the market next year, after Ortiz had played his final game, Boston may have emerged as the favorite to sign Davis. In 2016, however, the roster seems too crowded to add another big contract.

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