5 Major Questions for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2016

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies - Game One

Credit: Mitchell Leff / Getty Images North America

5.) Is Carlos Ruiz the next veteran to go?

Over the past two years, this team has seen many veterans come and go. Cliff Lee, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Shane Victorino, etc. However, there are still two familiar faces that take the field (almost..) every day- Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz. Both of these players have been huge pieces to the Phillies success over the years, including the 2008 World Series team. But, we know that all good things must come to an end. It was expected that the Phillies would not retain the services of Ruiz, when he was a free agent back in 2013. However, they later agreed to a three-year contract that would run through the 2016 season.

Ruiz has seen a major decline in his stats over the past four seasons. In 2012, he recorded a .325 average, but has seen his average tumble all the way down to a putrid .211 in 2015. His production has also fallen from 16 HRs and 68 RBIs in 2012, to two round-trippers and 22 RBIs in 2015. Now 36, Ruiz is struggling to remain healthy. Having missed at least 60 games over the last two seasons, one has to wonder if Ruiz is even able to produce anymore. With Jorge Alfaro waiting down in the minors, Ruiz is on his way out…one way or the other. 

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