Five Major Questions for the Rockies in 2016

Credit: David Zalubowski/Associated Press

Credit: David Zalubowski/Associated Press

Are the Rockies going to trade an outfielder?

With the recent signing of Gerardo Parra, the Rockies outfield is looking very crowded, especially with left-handed bats. One would figure that they would try to move one of them in exchange for pitching. There are three outfielders that stand out as most likely to be moved; Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon, and Corey Dickerson.

Carlos Gonzalez, 30, has two years, and $37 million left on his contract. Teams that have shown interest in CarGo include, the Cardinals, Angels, and the Orioles. A CarGo trade is not looking as likely to happen this offseason because of the money he is owed, and the huge asking price the Rockies are putting on him. The Cardinals do not want to part with too many highly-regarded prospects, the Angels are trying to stay under the luxury tax, and the Orioles are more involved with free agents. If he is not traded this offseason, he could still possibly be dealt at the trade deadline, or next offseason.

Charlie Blackmon, 29, has three years of club control left, and is probably the most likely to be moved, of the three. The team that has shown the most interest, and makes the most sense, is the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels are trying to stay under the luxury tax, while still acquiring a left fielder. Blackmon would allow them to stay under, and wouldn’t cost them too much prospect wise. Jeff Fletcher of the OC Register suggested that a package of Nick Tropeano and Cam Bedrosian would be enough to get a deal done. Blackmon could also be dealt to a team like the Orioles or Tigers, but I see the Angels as a serious threat to land the outfielder.

Corey Dickerson, 26, has four years of club control left. He is coming off a year where he played in just 65 games, but put an impressive .304/.333/.556 line. He is very appealing to clubs due to his age and the years left that he is controlled, which means a team would probably have to give up more to get him than for Blackmon. He hasn’t really been involved in many trade rumors, but he is still a possibility to get traded.

The Rockies have three outfielders that can bring them back a considerable amount of pitching in return. At this point, it seems extremely likely that one of these three guys will be moved. It is just a matter of who, and where.

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