Five Major Questions for the Tampa Bay Rays in 2016



Will more people show up to games?

Maybe. Over the last five years the attendance at Tropicana Field has been slowly getting lower despite the Rays overcoming huge odds to put an average to above-average team on the field. The St. Petersburg City Council just approved a memorandum of understanding allowing the Rays to begin looking at potential stadium sites in Pinellas and Hillsborough County. This only means that the Rays can legally discuss possibilities, but this is a process that will take 2-3 more years as there is an even bigger question of financing for the stadium looming.

However, Rays fans can be hopeful that the process is, in a way, moving forward. Will the progress translate into bigger numbers at the ticket counter is unknown. Some would like to think that if the team wins games then fans will make the trip to the Trop. But it has been hard to overcome the negativity that has come from media, fans, and sometimes its own players on the viability of Tropicana Field as a home.

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