A Comprehensive List of Retired Number Bandits

In conjunction with this feature on retired numbers and Retired Number Bandits, here is a list of all 758 Bandits in MLB history. As a reminder, a Retired Number Bandit is a player who wore a retired number before it was retired but after it was worn by the person for whom it was retired. More information and examples can be found at the link above.

Once the table fully loads, you can sort by column to see the Bandits in any order you prefer. So for example, if you want to see which player was a Bandit the most times, you can do that. (The answer is Derrel Thomas, who wore Nolan Ryan’s number 30 for the Angels, Orlando Cepeda’s number 30 for the Giants, and Pee Wee Reese’s number 1 for the Dodgers.) Enjoy!

Bandit NameRetired ForTeam# 
A.J. PierzynskiGaylord PerryGiants36
Aaron GuielAndy PettitteYankees46
Aaron RobinsonBill DickeyYankees8
Aaron SeleWade BoggsRed Sox26
Al AberCharlie GehringerTigers2
Al DarkRichie AshburnPhillies1
Al LuplowPie TraynorPirates20
Al OsunaRandy JonesPadres35
Al SmithMinnie MinosoWhite Sox9
Al SmithTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Al TatePaul WanerPirates11
Alan EmbreeAndy PettitteYankees46
Albert WilliamsBert BlylevenTwins28
Alberto LoisPaul WanerPirates11
Alejandro PenaWade BoggsRed Sox26
Allie ClarkBabe RuthYankees3
Andre DawsonRusty StaubExpos10
Art GardnerJimmy WynnAstros24
Augie BergamoDizzy DeanCardinals17
Barry LatmanMel HarderIndians18
Barry MooreBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Ben OglivieJoe CroninRed Sox4
Ben SteinerBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Benito SantiagoTed KluszewskiReds18
Bernie CarboBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Bernie WilliamsMonte IrvinGiants20
Bill AlmonRollie FingersAthletics34
Bill BeanDave WinfieldPadres31
Bill BellPie TraynorPirates20
Bill BucknerJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Bill GlynnLarry DobyIndians14
Bill HallPaul WanerPirates11
Bill NorthDuke SniderDodgers4
Bill NorthGaylord PerryGiants36
Bill SchlesingerJoe CroninRed Sox4
Bill SwiftTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Bill TuttleHank GreenbergTigers5
Bill VirdonEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Bill VirdonRalph KinerPirates4
Bill VossDizzy DeanCardinals17
Bill WerlePie TraynorPirates20
Billy BatesRollie FingersBrewers34
Billy BrewerDan QuisenberryRoyals29
Billy ConigliaroBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Billy ConigliaroJoe CroninRed Sox4
Billy ConsoloBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Billy GrabarkewitzPee Wee ReeseDodgers1
Billy GrabarkewitzRon SantoCubs10
Billy HermanPaul WanerPirates11
Billy HoeftMonte IrvinGiants20
Billy HoeftOrlando CepedaGiants30
Billy MoranMel HarderIndians18
Billy PierceHank GreenbergTigers5
Billy RipkenCal Ripken Sr.Orioles7
Bip RobertsSparky AndersonReds10
Bo McLaughlinRollie FingersAthletics34
Bob CainTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Bob ChanceBob LemonIndians21
Bob KearneyOrlando CepedaGiants30
Bob KennedyTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Bob KlingerPie TraynorPirates20
Bob LaceyRollie FingersAthletics34
Bob LeeRoy CampanellaDodgers39
Bob MahoneyTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Bob NiemanHank GreenbergTigers5
Bob NiemanMonte IrvinGiants20
Bob RothelEarl AverillIndians3
Bob SkinnerRalph KinerPirates4
Bob TewksburyDave WinfieldPadres31
Bob UeckerEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Bobby AyalaFergie JenkinsCubs31
Bobby BonillaWhitey HerzogCardinals24
Bobby Del GrecoEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Bobby MurcerBilly MartinYankees1
Bobby MurcerMonte IrvinGiants20
Bobby RichardsonBilly MartinYankees1
Bobby TolanDizzy DeanCardinals17
Bobby ValentineJim FregosiAngels11
Bobby WineRichie AshburnPhillies1
Bobby YoungLou BoudreauIndians5
Boom-Boom BeckPie TraynorPirates20
Brad WellmanGaylord PerryGiants36
Brad WoodallFergie JenkinsCubs31
Brent MayneKeith HernandezMets17
Bret SaberhagenKeith HernandezMets17
Brian DowningTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Brian DuboisHal NewhouserTigers16
Brian LesherRickey HendersonAthletics24
Brian McCallTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Brian TraxlerDon SuttonDodgers20
Brock HoltWade BoggsRed Sox26
Bruce HowardBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Bruce KimmLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Bryan EversgerdWhitey HerzogCardinals24
Bubba HarrisMel HarderIndians18
Bubba PhillipsLou BoudreauIndians5
Bud HarrelsonJim BunningPhillies14
Bud MethenyBabe RuthYankees3
Buddy BellJose CruzAstros25
Buddy BookerLou BoudreauIndians5
Buddy BradfordBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Buddy GroomRickey HendersonAthletics24
Butch DavisMike FlanaganOrioles46
Butch HenryCarlton FiskRed Sox27
Butch HobsonJoe CroninRed Sox4
Cal NeemanLou BoudreauIndians5
Candy MaldonadoDon SuttonDodgers20
Carl WarwickDizzy DeanCardinals17
Carlos BaergaGary CarterMets8
Carney LansfordJoe CroninRed Sox4
Celerino SanchezPhil RizzutoYankees10
Cesar GeronimoFrank RobinsonReds20
Chad CurtisNolan RyanAngels30
Charley SmithMinnie MinosoWhite Sox9
Charlie MeadBill TerryGiants3
Charlie SandsRalph KinerPirates4
Chet LemonNellie FoxWhite Sox2
Chico WalkerBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Chief HogsettCharlie GehringerTigers2
Chili DavisOrlando CepedaGiants30
Chris BattonCatfish HunterAthletics27
Chris BrownRandy JonesPadres35
Chris ChamblissLarry DobyIndians14
Chris ChamblissPhil RizzutoYankees10
Chris DonnelsJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Chris GwynnDan QuisenberryRoyals29
Chris JamesMel HarderIndians18
Chris JamesOrlando CepedaGiants30
Chris JonesFrank RobinsonReds20
Chris JonesJimmy WynnAstros24
Chris LathamBert BlylevenTwins28
Chris SnopekWade BoggsRed Sox26
Chris StynesFrank RobinsonReds20
Chuck BrinkmanLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Chuck WorkmanPaul WanerPirates11
Claude OsteenJimmy WynnAstros24
Cliff CookTed KluszewskiReds18
Cliff MapesBabe RuthYankees3
Cliff MapesHank GreenbergTigers5
Dae-Sung KooKeith HernandezMets17
Dal MaxvillPaul WanerPirates11
Dale BerraRalph KinerPirates4
Dale LongMonte IrvinGiants20
Dale MitchellEarl AverillIndians3
Dale SveumPaul WanerPirates11
Dalton JonesCharlie GehringerTigers2
Damon BerryhillJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Dan HarenRickey HendersonAthletics24
Dan MeyerReggie JacksonAthletics9
Dan PeltierOrlando CepedaGiants30
Dan PetryWillie HortonTigers23
Dan SchatzederGaylord PerryGiants36
Danny CaterMinnie MinosoWhite Sox9
Danny CaterPhil RizzutoYankees10
Danny HeepJimmy WynnAstros24
Danny JacksonFrank RobinsonReds20
Danny O'ConnellPaul WanerPirates11
Dante BichetteJim FregosiAngels11
Dante PowellOrlando CepedaGiants30
Darold KnowlesFergie JenkinsCubs31
Darrell MayAndy PettitteYankees46
Darren HolmesDon SuttonDodgers20
Darren LewisDon SuttonDodgers20
Darryl CiasReggie JacksonAthletics9
Daryl SpencerMonte IrvinGiants20
Dave FreislebenLarry DobyIndians14
Dave GallagherGary CarterMets8
Dave GoltzNolan RyanAngels30
Dave HaasHal NewhouserTigers16
Dave HollinsCarlton FiskRed Sox27
Dave KingmanRon SantoCubs10
Dave NelsonLarry DobyIndians14
Dave NicholsonLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Dave RaderKen BoyerCardinals14
Dave StatonDave WinfieldPadres31
Dave StewartRollie FingersAthletics34
Dave Van GorderTony PerezReds24
Dave WickershamDanny MurtaughPirates40
Davey JohnsonFergie JenkinsCubs31
David ConeKeith HernandezMets17
David NewhanKeith HernandezMets17
David PalmerHal NewhouserTigers16
David WellsHal NewhouserTigers16
Debs GarmsEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Dennis CookGaylord PerryGiants36
Dennis PowellRollie FingersBrewers34
Dennis RibantBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Denny WallingJose CruzAstros25
Derrel ThomasNolan RyanAngels30
Derrel ThomasOrlando CepedaGiants30
Derrel ThomasPee Wee ReeseDodgers1
Desi RelafordGary CarterMets8
Devon WhiteNolan RyanAngels30
Dick GernertHank GreenbergTigers5
Dick GroatMonte IrvinGiants20
Dick HowserMel HarderIndians18
Dick HowserPhil RizzutoYankees10
Dick KenworthyNellie FoxWhite Sox2
Dick SchofieldNolan RyanAngels30
Dick SchofieldPaul WanerPirates11
Dick SimpsonFrank RobinsonReds20
Dick SimpsonRoger MarisYankees9
Dick WakefieldCharlie GehringerTigers2
Dixie WalkerPaul WanerPirates11
Dmitri YoungWhitey HerzogCardinals24
Dock EllisDanny MurtaughPirates40
Dom ZanniBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Don BuddinBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Don CarrithersOrlando CepedaGiants30
Don DemeterJoe CroninRed Sox4
Don HeffnerHank GreenbergTigers5
Don KessingerLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Don RossCharlie GehringerTigers2
Don SlaughtJim FregosiAngels11
Don SlaughtPaul WanerPirates11
Don SuttonCatfish HunterAthletics27
Donell NixonOrlando CepedaGiants30
Donovan OsborneAndy PettitteYankees46
Donovan OsborneFergie JenkinsCubs31
Dorn TaylorMike FlanaganOrioles46
Doug DeCincesJim FregosiAngels11
Doug JonesRickey HendersonAthletics24
Duane KuiperMel HarderIndians18
Dustin HermansonTim RainesExpos30
Dutch MeyerEarl AverillIndians3
Dwain AndersonLarry DobyIndians14
Earl WilsonHal NewhouserTigers16
Ed AmelungDon SuttonDodgers20
Ed JurakCatfish HunterAthletics27
Ed MierkowiczCharlie GehringerTigers2
Ed OlivaresDizzy DeanCardinals17
Ed TaubenseeSparky AndersonReds10
Ed WhitsonDave WinfieldPadres31
Eddie BockmanBabe RuthYankees3
Eddie BressoudBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Eddie MilnerFrank RobinsonReds20
Eddie MilnerMonte IrvinGiants20
Eddie RobinsonEarl AverillIndians3
Edwin EncarnacionRoberto AlomarBlue Jays12
Eric AnthonyJimmy WynnAstros24
Eric DavisWhitey HerzogCardinals24
Eric OwensTed KluszewskiReds18
Erik JohnsonGaylord PerryGiants36
Ernie YoungReggie JacksonAthletics9
Erv DusakDizzy DeanCardinals17
Fernando TatisKeith HernandezMets17
Floyd BannisterBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Frank BakerBob LemonIndians21
Frank BollingCharlie GehringerTigers2
Frank CarpinPie TraynorPirates20
Frank ColmanBabe RuthYankees3
Frank DemareeBill TerryGiants3
Frank DemareeDizzy DeanCardinals17
Frank FernandezPhil RizzutoYankees10
Frank HouseCharlie GehringerTigers2
Frank HouseHank GreenbergTigers5
Frank JohnsonMonte IrvinGiants20
Franklin StubbsJimmy WynnAstros24
Fred HatfieldBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Fred HatfieldCharlie GehringerTigers2
Fred LewisMonte IrvinGiants20
Fred WhitfieldDizzy DeanCardinals17
Freddy SanchezWade BoggsRed Sox26
Fritzie ConnallyBilly WilliamsCubs26
Gabe KaplerWillie HortonTigers23
Gail HarrisHank GreenbergTigers5
Garry HancockReggie JacksonAthletics9
Gary BennettJim BunningPhillies14
Gary DisarcinaJim FregosiAngels11
Gary GaettiJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Gary MatthewsGaylord PerryGiants36
Gary PettisNolan RyanAngels30
Gary SheffieldAlan TrammellTigers3
Gary WeissPee Wee ReeseDodgers1
Gene FreeseLuke ApplingWhite Sox4
Gene MichaelHal NewhouserTigers16
Gene WoodlingLarry DobyIndians14
George BanksLarry DobyIndians14
George BrunetRalph KinerPirates4
George HendrickBob LemonIndians21
George KellBobby DoerrRed Sox1
George KernekKen BoyerCardinals14
George MetkovichPaul WanerPirates11
George SelkirkBabe RuthYankees3
George StricklandEarl AverillIndians3
Gil HerediaGaylord PerryGiants36
Gino CimoliPie TraynorPirates20
Gino MinutelliGaylord PerryGiants36
Glen BarkerJimmy WynnAstros24
Glenn RedmonMonte IrvinGiants20
Glenn WilsonPaul WanerPirates11
Gordon GoldsberryTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Gordy ColemanTed KluszewskiReds18
Gordy LundLarry DobyIndians14
Grady HattonBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Graeme LloydKeith HernandezMets17
Graig NettlesRoger MarisYankees9
Greg ColbrunnBert BlylevenTwins28
Greg HarrisCarlton FiskRed Sox27
Greg LuzinskiBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Greg MadduxFergie JenkinsCubs31
Greg MyersJim FregosiAngels11
Greg MyersRickey HendersonAthletics24
Greg PryorLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Greg PryorTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Greg SwindellBob LemonIndians21
Grey ClarkeLuke ApplingWhite Sox4
Gus GilMel HarderIndians18
Guy BushDizzy DeanCardinals17
Hal EppsDizzy DeanCardinals17
Hal GreggPie TraynorPirates20
Hal NaragonMel HarderIndians18
Hal SmithEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Hal SmithRed SchoendienstCardinals2
Hank FoilesPie TraynorPirates20
Hank LeiberBill TerryGiants3
Hank MajeskiLou BoudreauIndians5
Hardy PetersonPie TraynorPirates20
Harry AgganisJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Harry DanningBill TerryGiants3
Harry SpilmanWillie HortonTigers23
Herb PlewsBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Herman FranksBill TerryGiants3
Hideo NomoWillie HortonTigers23
Howard JohnsonHank GreenbergTigers5
Howie PolletPaul WanerPirates11
Howie ReedRoy CampanellaDodgers39
Hugh YancyBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Humberto CotaPaul WanerPirates11
Ian KinslerAlan TrammellTigers3
Ira HutchinsonDizzy DeanCardinals17
Jack CressendBert BlylevenTwins28
Jack HeidemannMel HarderIndians18
Jackie JensenJoe CroninRed Sox4
Jacob CruzOrlando CepedaGiants30
Jake MootyHank GreenbergTigers5
Jake WoodCharlie GehringerTigers2
Jamie BrewingtonOrlando CepedaGiants30
Jamie QuirkReggie JacksonAthletics9
Jason LaneJimmy WynnAstros24
Jason RomanoSparky AndersonReds10
Jason ThompsonRandy JonesPadres35
Jay AldrichMike FlanaganOrioles46
Jay CanizaroGaylord PerryGiants36
Jeff BransonFrank RobinsonReds20
Jeff CalhounLarry DierkerAstros49
Jeff McKnightKeith HernandezMets17
Jeff RansomBill TerryGiants3
Jeff StoneJim BunningPhillies14
Jeffrey LeonardMonte IrvinGiants20
Jeremy GuthrieMike FlanaganOrioles46
Jermaine DyeRickey HendersonAthletics24
Jerry AdairLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Jerry BrowneLarry DobyIndians14
Jerry BuchekDizzy DeanCardinals17
Jerry HairstonNellie FoxWhite Sox2
Jerry KindallLarry DobyIndians14
Jerry MayRalph KinerPirates4
Jerry McNertneyPaul WanerPirates11
Jerry MosesLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Jesse CrainBert BlylevenTwins28
Jesse GonderPie TraynorPirates20
Jesse LevisLarry DobyIndians14
Jim AdduciKen BoyerCardinals14
Jim BeauchampDizzy DeanCardinals17
Jim BrittonEddie MathewsBraves41
Jim CampanisRalph KinerPirates4
Jim CoxRusty StaubExpos10
Jim DeshaiesOrlando CepedaGiants30
Jim DoughertyLarry DierkerAstros49
Jim DunnPie TraynorPirates20
Jim DwyerBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Jim DwyerGaylord PerryGiants36
Jim EppardJim FregosiAngels11
Jim EssianLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Jim EssianTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Jim FiniganHank GreenbergTigers5
Jim GosgerJoe CroninRed Sox4
Jim HannanHal NewhouserTigers16
Jim JohnsonOrlando CepedaGiants30
Jim KingBob LemonIndians21
Jim KingEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Jim LawrenceLou BoudreauIndians5
Jim MahoneyBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Jim MalloryBill TerryGiants3
Jim ManganPie TraynorPirates20
Jim McNamaraOrlando CepedaGiants30
Jim NorthrupHank GreenbergTigers5
Jim QuallsBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Jim ShellenbackBert BlylevenTwins28
Jim SmithPaul WanerPirates11
Jim ToddFergie JenkinsCubs31
Jimmy MyersMike FlanaganOrioles46
Jimmy RippleBill TerryGiants3
Jimmy SextonJimmy WynnAstros24
Jimmy StewartLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Jimmy WasdellPaul WanerPirates11
Jo-Jo MooreBill TerryGiants3
Joe AltobelliLou BoudreauIndians5
Joe AzcueBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Joe ColemanFergie JenkinsCubs31
Joe DobsonTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Joe FergusonJim FregosiAngels11
Joe FoyBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Joe GaragiolaDizzy DeanCardinals17
Joe GinsbergCharlie GehringerTigers2
Joe MedwickBill TerryGiants3
Joe MorganRichie AshburnPhillies1
Joe NathanGaylord PerryGiants36
Joe OrsulakPaul WanerPirates11
Joe ShipleyBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Joe StrainMonte IrvinGiants20
Joe StrippDizzy DeanCardinals17
Joe TiptonMel HarderIndians18
Joe TorreEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Joe WallisReggie JacksonAthletics9
John BoccabellaOrlando CepedaGiants30
John BowkerMonte IrvinGiants20
John GelnarPie TraynorPirates20
John Henry JohnsonRollie FingersBrewers34
John KnoxCharlie GehringerTigers2
John O'DonoghueMike FlanaganOrioles46
John RabbBill TerryGiants3
John StephensonJim FregosiAngels11
John TamargoOrlando CepedaGiants30
John WockenfussJim BunningPhillies14
Johnny CallisonMinnie MinosoWhite Sox9
Johnny GrubbBob LemonIndians21
Johnny LindellBill DickeyYankees8
Johnny LiponCharlie GehringerTigers2
Johnny LiponJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Johnny MizeBill TerryGiants3
Johnny RuckerBill TerryGiants3
Jon NunnallyDan QuisenberryRoyals29
Jose CardenalRichie AshburnPhillies1
Jose GuillenPaul WanerPirates11
Jose IglesiasLou WhitakerTigers1
Jose LimaKeith HernandezMets17
Jose OlivaBruce SutterCardinals42
Jose PaganPaul WanerPirates11
Jose RijoCatfish HunterAthletics27
Juan AgostoLarry DierkerAstros49
Julio CruzTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Julio FrancoLarry DobyIndians14
Julio GonzalezKen BoyerCardinals14
Junior NoboaReggie JacksonAthletics9
Justin BaughmanJim FregosiAngels11
Keith ComstockGaylord PerryGiants36
Keith MorelandSteve GarveyPadres6
Kelvin TorveWillie MaysMets24
Ken BerryLuke ApplingWhite Sox4
Ken BerryTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Ken HeintzelmanPie TraynorPirates20
Ken HottmanTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Ken KeltnerJoe CroninRed Sox4
Ken RoweRoy CampanellaDodgers39
Ken RudolphEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Ken SchromMel HarderIndians18
Ken TatumBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Ken WilliamsTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Kenny GreerGaylord PerryGiants36
Kerby FarrellLuke ApplingWhite Sox4
Kerry LigtenbergMike FlanaganOrioles46
Kevin AppierKeith HernandezMets17
Kevin FosterFergie JenkinsCubs31
Kevin PasleyDuke SniderDodgers4
Kevin RhombergMel HarderIndians18
Kip GrossCarlton FiskRed Sox27
Kirk GibsonWillie HortonTigers23
Kurt BevacquaPaul WanerPirates11
Kurt SuzukiRickey HendersonAthletics24
LaMarr HoytDave WinfieldPadres31
Larry BiittnerBilly WilliamsCubs26
Larry SeeDon SuttonDodgers20
Larvell BlanksLarry DobyIndians14
Lary SorensenCatfish HunterAthletics27
LaTroy HawkinsPaul O'NeillYankees21
Lee HandleyPie TraynorPirates20
Lee HowardPaul WanerPirates11
Lee MazzilliPaul WanerPirates11
Lee RichardMinnie MinosoWhite Sox9
Lee ThomasJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Lee TinsleyWade BoggsRed Sox26
Lee TunnellBruce SutterCardinals42
Leon DurhamRon SantoCubs10
Leon DurhamSparky AndersonReds10
Les FusselmanDizzy DeanCardinals17
Lloyd McClendonRon SantoCubs10
Lou BoudreauJoe CroninRed Sox4
Lou ClintonJoe CroninRed Sox4
Lou ClintonJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Lou MerloniWade BoggsRed Sox26
Luis AlvaradoBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Luis AlvaradoKen BoyerCardinals14
Luis DeLeonRandy JonesPadres35
Luis LopezKeith HernandezMets17
Luis LopezRoberto AlomarBlue Jays12
Luis QuinonesSparky AndersonReds10
Luis SalazarRon SantoCubs10
Lyman LindeEarl AverillIndians3
Lynn KingDizzy DeanCardinals17
Mac ScarceBert BlylevenTwins28
Manny TrilloSparky AndersonReds10
Marcus JensenBert BlylevenTwins28
Marcus JensenOrlando CepedaGiants30
Marino PierettiMel HarderIndians18
Mario GuerreroJim FregosiAngels11
Mario MendozaPaul WanerPirates11
Mario PiconeWillie MaysGiants24
Mark CiardiRollie FingersBrewers34
Mark DavidsonJimmy WynnAstros24
Mark GuthrieFergie JenkinsCubs31
Mark LeeRollie FingersBrewers34
Mark LeiterWillie HortonTigers23
Mark ThurmondOrlando CepedaGiants30
Mark WagnerHank GreenbergTigers5
Mark WagnerReggie JacksonAthletics9
Mark WhitenCarlton FiskRed Sox27
Mark WilliamsCatfish HunterAthletics27
Marv FoleyTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Marv GrissomTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Matt ClementDave WinfieldPadres31
Matt GalanteGary CarterMets8
Matt KeoughCatfish HunterAthletics27
Matty AlouDizzy DeanCardinals17
Max SurkontTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Mel OttBill TerryGiants3
Mel WrightDizzy DeanCardinals17
Michael TuckerMonte IrvinGiants20
Mickey KluttsReggie JacksonAthletics9
Mickey VernonEarl AverillIndians3
Mickey VernonJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Mike AdamsReggie JacksonAthletics9
Mike AndrewsNellie FoxWhite Sox2
Mike BlowersDon SuttonDodgers20
Mike BordickKeith HernandezMets17
Mike BrownCarlton FiskRed Sox27
Mike BrownRalph KinerPirates4
Mike ColbernBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Mike DavisDon SuttonDodgers20
Mike de la HozTed KluszewskiReds18
Mike FornielesTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Mike FyhrieFergie JenkinsCubs31
Mike GallegoReggie JacksonAthletics9
Mike GarbarkPhil RizzutoYankees10
Mike HargroveBob LemonIndians21
Mike KekichMel HarderIndians18
Mike KingeryPaul WanerPirates11
Mike LaValliereRalph KinerPirates4
Mike MarshallBert BlylevenTwins28
Mike PerezBruce SutterCardinals42
Mike PiazzaJohn FrancoMets24
Mike SadekBill TerryGiants3
Mike SandlockPee Wee ReeseDodgers1
Mike SemberRon SantoCubs10
Mike SquiresBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Minnie MinosoEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Minnie MinosoMel HarderIndians18
Mitch WebsterDon SuttonDodgers20
Morgan EnsbergPaul O'NeillYankees21
Nanny FernandezPaul WanerPirates11
Nick EttenJoe DiMaggioYankees5
Norm SiebernJoe CroninRed Sox4
Olmedo SaenzReggie JacksonAthletics9
Omar MorenoJimmy WynnAstros24
Omar VizquelLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Orlando MercedWade BoggsRed Sox26
Orlando MillerJimmy WynnAstros24
Ossie BlancoMel HarderIndians18
Ossie BlancoMinnie MinosoWhite Sox9
Ozzie VirgilBill TerryGiants3
Pat DodsonCarlton FiskRed Sox27
Pat ListachPaul MolitorBrewers4
Pat MischMonte IrvinGiants20
Paul CampbellCharlie GehringerTigers2
Paul PettitPie TraynorPirates20
Paul SmithPaul WanerPirates11
Paul WanerPee Wee ReeseDodgers1
Pete Rose Jr.Pete RoseReds14
Pete RoseJim BunningPhillies14
Phil GaglianoBobby DoerrRed Sox1
Phil GarnerDon SuttonDodgers20
Phil GarnerMonte IrvinGiants20
Phil MankowskiCharlie GehringerTigers2
Phil ReganHal NewhouserTigers16
Purnal GoldyHank GreenbergTigers5
Rafael NovoaGaylord PerryGiants36
Rafael SantanaKen BoyerCardinals14
Rafael ValdezRandy JonesPadres35
Ramiro MendozaWade BoggsRed Sox26
Ramon CondeMinnie MinosoWhite Sox9
Ramon de los SantosJimmy WynnAstros24
Randy McCamentGaylord PerryGiants36
Ray FontenotFergie JenkinsCubs31
Ray KattEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Ray LambJackie RobinsonDodgers42
Ray NarleskiHal NewhouserTigers16
Ray SemprochHal NewhouserTigers16
Ray StarrPie TraynorPirates20
Ray WebsterLou BoudreauIndians5
Red MungerPie TraynorPirates20
Red SchoendienstStan MusialCardinals6
Red SwansonPie TraynorPirates20
Red WilsonTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Reggie WilliamsJim FregosiAngels11
Reno BertoiaCharlie GehringerTigers2
Reno BertoiaHal NewhouserTigers16
Rex HudlerJim BunningPhillies14
Rex JohnstonRalph KinerPirates4
Rey PalaciosDan QuisenberryRoyals29
Rich ButlerRoberto AlomarBlue Jays12
Rich CroushoreWhitey HerzogCardinals24
Rich McKinneyReggie JacksonAthletics9
Rich MoralesNellie FoxWhite Sox2
Rich ScheidLarry DierkerAstros49
Richie HebnerCharlie GehringerTigers2
Richie HebnerPie TraynorPirates20
Rick AnkielWhitey HerzogCardinals24
Rick AuerbachPee Wee ReeseDodgers1
Rick CeroneJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Rick CeronePhil RizzutoYankees10
Rick RodriguezCatfish HunterAthletics27
Rickey HendersonWillie MaysMets24
Rico PetrocelliJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Rip RadcliffHank GreenbergTigers5
Rob StaniferWade BoggsRed Sox26
Robert EenhoornJim FregosiAngels11
Rocky ColavitoBob LemonIndians21
Roger MarisEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Roger MarisLou BoudreauIndians5
Roman MejiasJoe CroninRed Sox4
Ron DavisKen BoyerCardinals14
Ron HansenLuke ApplingWhite Sox4
Ron HasseyCatfish HunterAthletics27
Ron JacksonLuke ApplingWhite Sox4
Ron KlinePie TraynorPirates20
Ron LolichBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Ron PerranoskiHal NewhouserTigers16
Ron TingleyMel HarderIndians18
Ron WoodsRoger MarisYankees9
Roy CullenbineCharlie GehringerTigers2
Roy ParteeJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Roy WeatherlyBabe RuthYankees3
Roy WeatherlyPhil RizzutoYankees10
Ruben AmaroNolan RyanAngels30
Rudy HernandezBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Rudy LawLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Russ ChristopherMel HarderIndians18
Rusty PetersEarl AverillIndians3
Rusty TillmanOrlando CepedaGiants30
Sal YvarsDizzy DeanCardinals17
Sam EwingBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Sam JethroePie TraynorPirates20
Sam McDowellGaylord PerryGiants36
Sam MeleJoe CroninRed Sox4
Sam VicoHank GreenbergTigers5
Sammy EspositoTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Sammy TaylorLou BoudreauIndians5
Sandy AlomarLuis AparicioWhite Sox11
Satoru KomiyamaKeith HernandezMets17
Scott BullettRon SantoCubs10
Scott EricksonAndy PettitteYankees46
Scott PodsednikWade BoggsRed Sox26
Sean BerryWade BoggsRed Sox26
Shannon StewartRickey HendersonAthletics24
Shawn EstesGaylord PerryGiants36
Sid GordonRalph KinerPirates4
Skeeter NewsomeJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Skip JamesGaylord PerryGiants36
Smoky BurgessNellie FoxWhite Sox2
Snuffy StirnweissLou BoudreauIndians5
Spud DavisPaul WanerPirates11
Stan RoyerCarlton FiskRed Sox27
Steve BilkoTed KluszewskiReds18
Steve DemeterLou BoudreauIndians5
Steve HolmMonte IrvinGiants20
Steve HuntzBilly PierceWhite Sox19
Steve HuntzKen BoyerCardinals14
Steve LakeRon SantoCubs10
Steve ReedGaylord PerryGiants36
Steve SwisherEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Steve SwisherRed SchoendienstCardinals2
Steve WhitakerRoger MarisYankees9
Ted BeardTed LyonsWhite Sox16
Ted GrayLarry DobyIndians14
Ted PowerBruce SutterCardinals42
Ted SavageFrank RobinsonReds20
Terrell LoweryRon SantoCubs10
Terry FranconaSparky AndersonReds10
Terry HughesKen BoyerCardinals14
Terry PendletonEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Tilson BritoRoberto AlomarBlue Jays12
Tim CostoTed KluszewskiReds18
Tim CullenLuke ApplingWhite Sox4
Tim FoliGaylord PerryGiants36
Tim LayanaGaylord PerryGiants36
Tim McCarverEnos SlaughterCardinals9
Tiny BonhamPie TraynorPirates20
Tito FranconaLarry DobyIndians14
Toby AtwellPaul WanerPirates11
Todd GreeneMonte IrvinGiants20
Tom BarrettJim BunningPhillies14
Tom BrookensHal NewhouserTigers16
Tom BrunanskyNolan RyanAngels30
Tom DettoreFergie JenkinsCubs31
Tom FoleySparky AndersonReds10
Tom HuttonDuke SniderDodgers4
Tom HuttonJim BunningPhillies14
Tom PaciorekDon DrysdaleDodgers53
Tom RunnellsSparky AndersonReds10
Tom SatrianoJoe CroninRed Sox4
Tom TellmannRollie FingersAthletics34
Tom UrbaniWhitey HerzogCardinals24
Tom VeryzerBob LemonIndians21
Tommy CruzDizzy DeanCardinals17
Tommy HarperBob LemonIndians21
Tommy HarperJoe CroninRed Sox4
Tommy MatchickCharlie GehringerTigers2
Tommy McCrawLarry DobyIndians14
Tommy O'BrienPaul WanerPirates11
Tony KubekPhil RizzutoYankees10
Tony MartinezLarry DobyIndians14
Tony MenendezGaylord PerryGiants36
Tony PenaJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Tony PenaPaul WanerPirates11
Tony PhillipsRoberto AlomarBlue Jays12
Tony TorcatoMonte IrvinGiants20
Torey LovulloWillie HortonTigers23
Trey BeamonDave WinfieldPadres31
Ty GaineyJimmy WynnAstros24
Vern LawPie TraynorPirates20
Vic DavalilloDizzy DeanCardinals17
Vic HarrisMonte IrvinGiants20
Vic RaschiDizzy DeanCardinals17
Vic WertzHank GreenbergTigers5
Vic WertzJohnny PeskyRed Sox6
Vince ColemanDan QuisenberryRoyals29
Vinegar Bend MizellDizzy DeanCardinals17
Walker CooperDizzy DeanCardinals17
Wally BergerBill TerryGiants3
Wally WestlakeDizzy DeanCardinals17
Walt DropoTed KluszewskiReds18
Walt HriniakCharlie LauWhite Sox6
Walt MastersonHal NewhouserTigers16
Walt MorynPie TraynorPirates20
Walt TerrellRandy JonesPadres35
Wayne CauseyMinnie MinosoWhite Sox9
Wes ChamberlainWade BoggsRed Sox26
Whitey LockmanRed SchoendienstCardinals2
Willie GreeneRoberto AlomarBlue Jays12
Willie RandolphDon SuttonDodgers20
Willie SmithFrank RobinsonReds20
Wilson DelgadoGaylord PerryGiants36
Wilson DelgadoKeith HernandezMets17
Woodie FrymanJim BunningPhillies14
Woodie HeldEarl AverillIndians3
Woodie HeldMinnie MinosoWhite Sox9
Yogi BerraBill DickeyYankees8

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