Detroit Tigers Lineup: Fitting in Justin Upton


The remnants of the 87 loss, 2015 Detroit Tigers team have been all but washed away this offseason. New Tigers General Manager Al Avila caped off an already impressive on-the-fly rebuild by signing 28-year-old slugger Justin Upton to a six-year, 132.5 million dollar deal to fill their left field vacancy.

The Tigers have been known for boasting powerful offensive lineups over the last five seasons. For the first time since 2003, the Tigers failed to score 700 runs. Last year, the Tigers faced a myriad of injuries. Losing Miguel Cabrera to the first DL stint in his career, Victor Martinez being hampered by his injured knee, and a battered pitching staff that lost Justin Verlander for two months and Anibal Sanchez having his year cut short.

Now with Upton in Detroit sporting the Old English “D” on his chest, the Tigers, once again, have one of the most formidable lineups not only in the American League, but in all of baseball.

The only question is where do you bat Upton in the lineup?

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  1. kevin

    What if you moved may bin from the top to the bottom? I think Kinsler, Upton, Might, Victor , JR would be the best bet

  2. Jack Cade

    Hahaha, Miggy, the best hitter on the planet at anything other than #3 is INSANE!
    Maybe if he were to not hit for power ever again #1 or #2, but #4, not anytime soon.


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