Five Major Questions for the 2016 Chicago White Sox

There is a new sense of challenge in the air as, going into 2016, the Chicago Cubs are coming off a good post season performance and 97 wins. The White Sox, on the other hand, last broke .500 in 2012 – but they have won a World Series in this century. The atmosphere is very different than it has been in previous years with the rivalry heating up, and things are definitely leaning towards the Cubbies this season.

White Sox GM Rick Hahn says – don’t count the White Sox out. They have a solid rotation, a young, developing outfield, and have brought in veteran Todd Frazier at third. There is potential here for a decent season, and a good cross-city rivalry, but for that to happen, here are five major questions that must be answered by the 2016 Chicago White Sox.

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    • David_N_Wilson

      Thanks… article updated. That actually presents new problems, I think, as he was the most promising arm they had coming up…


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