Five Major Questions for the 2016 Chicago White Sox

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How will Todd Frazier affect the infield? Is it enough?

With Jose Abreu a questionable glove at first, and Brett Lawrie returning to second, where he’s not been particularly effective, the infield defense is likely to suffer in 2016. The Sox have no answer currently for the short stop position, where they figure to have a glaring hole that just won’t stand the test of a major league season. They are going to have to address this in a trade or free agency prior to opening day, or that hole will likely prove their undoing. Currently, the position is likely to be filled by Tyler Saladino, who spent most of his time at third last year, or possibly Carlos Sanchez, who has played almost his entire career at second. Neither is a proven glove at short, and neither has much power or offense to add.

If nothing changes, Todd Frazier will be the only plus-level glove at the position he’s playing in the entire infield and, considering the lack of offense last year’s team managed, the defense has got to contribute. Frazier’s presence is a great start, but they are going to need more for any sort of positive showing in 2016.

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    • David_N_Wilson

      Thanks… article updated. That actually presents new problems, I think, as he was the most promising arm they had coming up…


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