Five Major Questions for the 2016 Chicago White Sox

Getty Images - Ron Vesely

Getty Images – Ron Vesely

Will the bullpen be deep enough?

With the only addition in the off-season being Nate Jones returning from Tommy John surgery, the bullpen will remain about the same in 2016 as it was in 2015. David Robertson is solid as the closer, but the rest saw very little work for a major league bullpen last year, partially due to the strong rotation, but also due, in part, by the lack of serious supporting arms. They include RHP Jake Petricka, LHP Zach Duke, RHP Nate Jones, RHP Daniel Webb, RHP Zach Putnam, LHP Dan Jennings, RHP Scott Carroll.

With Robertson, Duke, Petricka and Jones as the base, and the rest working to fill those remaining slots, including Webb, who had a rough 2015, and Carroll, who has proven himself to be an asset in long relief, they should be reasonably solid.

If anything happens to the starters, these guys will have to step it up in a way they were not called on to in 2015.

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    • David_N_Wilson

      Thanks… article updated. That actually presents new problems, I think, as he was the most promising arm they had coming up…


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