Five Major Questions for the 2016 Chicago White Sox

Getty Images - Rich Pilling

Getty Images – Rich Pilling

Designated hitter – Are they stuck with Adam LaRoche? If so, can he get it together?

Adam LaRoche had a less-than-stellar transition from NL first baseman to DH in the AL. His numbers were not great, and that was worsened by a knee injury during 2015. He needs to step up his game. It’s possible that the White Sox could have him playing first more often, as he hits better when working both sides of the game, but Abreu, who is growing into a passable fielder at first, does not want to move to DH, and he was the most valuable bat in their lineup last season.

Either Laroche is going to have to find a way to earn the big contract he signed, or the team is going to have to take that as a loss and find someone else to slot in at times to bolster the DH slot. Considering that offense was the team’s biggest failing in 2015, fixing the problem at DH is critical.


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    • David_N_Wilson

      Thanks… article updated. That actually presents new problems, I think, as he was the most promising arm they had coming up…


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