Ten Big Changes that will Come to Pass for Major League Baseball

Source: David Banks-USA Today Sports

Source: David Banks-USA Today Sports

As baseball fans, the majority of us strongly dislike the idea of change.

Instant replay? No way! That’ll ruin the game. Can’t run over the catcher at home plate? We’ll become soft like the NFL.

A lot of fans were opposed to both of these ideas that are now used in today’s game. Although the rules haven’t been perfect, they’re in the game and they’re used effectively.

I wonder what else I will be able to see in my lifetime as a baseball fan, and I’m not just talking about new rules. What milestones will I witness? What history will be made right in front of my eyes?

Some may be predictable, some may be a bit of a reach, but here are 10 things I believe I’ll see in Major League Baseball in my lifetime — that haven’t already been witnessed previously.

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