Top 10 Catchers going into 2016

Cincinnati Reds v San Francisco Giants

Credit: Jason O. Watson / Getty Images North America

Historically, the catcher has not been asked to do as much offensively as the rest of his teammates. It is a demanding position that beats up a body. Most elite offensive catchers eventually transition to first base or DH later in their careers. It happened to Mike Piazza, and it happened to Joe Mauer. Catcher is a difficult position to play, as it requires a player to be physically involved in every single pitch, mind constantly racing while racking up black-and-blue marks from foul tips and pitches in the dirt. Still, baseball has as good a group of two-way catchers as it has ever had in its history.

Read on for the top-ten catchers in baseball entering the 2016 season. (Note: For the purposes of this article, Kyle Schwarber was not considered a catcher, as he will likely spend most of 2016 playing left field.)

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