Top 10 Catchers going into 2016

4. Salvador Perez, Royals

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Credit: Jamie Squire / Getty Images North America

If Salvador Perez could hit just a little better for average, he’d likely be atop this list. He’s one of the best defensive catchers in baseball, and has a good amount of power, but his OBP is an ugly number for a player of his talent. Last year the 25-year-old catcher had a solid 21 home runs with 70 RBIs while hitting a respectable .260. It was just the .280 OBP that is a little cringeworthy. The bright side for the Venezuelan is that he’s still so young, and OBP is something he can improve over time.

Behind the plate, Perez threw out 30-percent of base stealers and had only four passed balls throughout the year. The nice thing for Salvador Perez is that there isn’t a whole lot of pressure on him. While the Royals obviously get a lot of attention due to being champions, Salvador Perez does more than enough to keep the Royals successful.

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