Chicago Cubs: What Needs to Go Right to Make the Playoffs in 2016?

League Championship - Chicago Cubs v New York Mets - Game Two

Credit: Elsa / Getty Images North America

This might seem like a very simple question to answer, considering the Cubs won 97 games last year, brought home Rookie of the Year for Kris Bryant, the Cy Young Award for Jake Arrieta, and Manager of the Year for Joe Maddon, but this is baseball, and a lot of things can happen to change the face of a season. The 2016 Cubs are poised to make a lot of noise, but they face most of the same challenges any MLB team has to deal with to get back to October baseball.

They have to stay healthy. They have to maintain good depth. They have to avoid sophomore slumps and hit well. The defense can’t slack off. All of these are common-sense answers, but let’s look at them in a little more detail and see where the Cubs actually stand going into 2016.

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