Chicago Cubs: What Needs to Go Right to Make the Playoffs in 2016?



In Conclusion…

It would seem like all the Cubs have to do is show up and stay healthy, but we’ve all seen situations like that blow up in the past. Joe Maddon has said again and again that it’s not about October, and it’s not about the division, it’s about winning the game one night, and then, preparing to win a game the next night. This is a young, dynamic team with almost off-the-chart potential, but they have to remain both loose and focused. If they start buying into their own hype, they may find themselves struggling, and if that happens, you can bet the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates will be there to pounce.

If they can come out hard every day, play like it’s already October, and grow as a team, the 2016 Chicago Cubs are almost certainly playoff bound. As they say in Chicago, “Let’s Go!” Maybe they should start selling shirts that say, “There’s Always This Year!”

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