David Eckstein is the Ultimate Password

It feels fitting that the password Chris Correa used to hack the Astros database would be something like “ECKSTEIN123”. If there is a player, that would be the exception to metrics, it would be David Eckstein. Hell, even Eckstein himself is self deprecating about his playing career.

Middle infielders who are 5’6” and 160 pounds soaking wet, are usually fringe guys on nearly all scouting reports. Somehow, despite hitting 35 home runs in his ten seasons in the majors, Eckstein proved his value. It was enough to earn flattery to possibly be the password used to infiltrate the Houston Astros database.

If Eckstein was this, as the court transcript says, “scrawny [player] who succeed through [his] hard work”, it’s another feather on his colorful career. While I mentioned earlier, he was not much of a power threat, he did club a couple of walk-off grand slams (vs. the Braves, vs. the Blue Jays). Eckstein has had some heroic moments, just look at his play in the 2006 World Series. His performance in that series earned him the MVP honors, winning a new Chevrolet and leaving baseball fans with this celebratory picture. Not too bad for a guy noted only for his hustle and his defense.

Though do not take my word for it, his own law firm will back up his “heart.”

The mere idea that a team would use a player’s name followed by “123” means its a flawed or almost lazy password. Immediately my thoughts went to a noted scene from Spaceballs. Maybe if the password had been more novel like “VanLandingham1446”, combining William VanLandingham’s name and his career WHIP, the Astros might have been able to avoid getting their scouting department hacked.

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