Yovani Gallardo Makes No Sense for the Rockies

With all the big time signings going down this offseason, including the re-signing of Yoenis Cespedes by the New York Mets last night, it is sometimes easy to overlook some players. One such player is Yovani Gallardo.

According to several tweets by SB Nation’s Chris Cotillo, it appears Gallardo’s market is down to three teams, those being the Orioles, Astros and, quite surprisingly, the Rockies. While those other two teams make a good deal of sense, as both are projected to be in playoff races and both could use upgrades in their rotations, the Rockies seem puzzling, at least on the surface. Why would a team that is currently in a sort of rebuilding mode give up a draft pick to sign a free-agent pitcher?

That is the question. A question there doesn’t really seem to be any logical answer to. The fit just really doesn’t make any sense no matter how you slice it. The Rockies are in a position where they should be collecting as many draft picks as they can for the foreseeable future in order to maximize on the addition of talent. While the Rockies first pick is protected, even giving up their second pick would seem illogical. Giving one away for a questionable free-agent pitcher doesn’t make much sense at all.

Aside from the strategy itself, the possibility of this fit makes less sense when one looks at the type of pitcher Yovani Gallardo is at this stage of his career.

Despite showing great durability over the past several seasons, and putting up good numbers with the Rangers last season, Gallardo does come with some significant question marks. Obviously it’s rare that any pitcher succeeds to any extent in Coors Field, but Gallardo could fare even worse than the norm.

While his ERA was good with the Rangers, his FIP and xFIP appeared slightly worse. Those are the type of numbers that could really get ugly when pitching at Coors. Add to that a declining strikeout rate, which was under six batters per nine innings last season, and Gallardo in Colorado seems to be a recipe for disaster.

It’s clearly quite difficult for the Rockies to lure pitchers to Coors Field. However, even if Gallardo is interested in the idea of pitching at Coors, he is not the kind of pitcher the Rockies want to bring on board. The Rockies need power arms with an ability to miss bats. With his declining strikeout rate and questionable peripheral numbers, Gallardo in Coors could be a recipe for disaster. At least for this offseason, the Rockies are better off standing pat and giving their young pitchers a chance to impress. Gallardo does not fit. At all.

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