Atlanta Braves: 2016 Offseason Report Card


Source: Daniel Shirey/Getty Images North America


Final Grade: A-

As with any rebuilding team, it is difficult to gauge the success of the Braves offseason. On one hand the Braves added several more high-upside prospects, a solid shortstop in Erick Aybar, and a very good outfielder in Ender Inciarte. These additions could pay dividends for several years into the future, as Blair, Newcomb, Swanson, and Ellis all make their way up the organizational ladder. On the other hand, the Braves did trade away a Gold Glove shortstop, a solid center fielder, and their number one starter. Replacing all three of those guys in the short-term will be a very tall task. It is hard not to be excited about the additions of Swanson and Newcomb to the Braves system this offseason, as these two are widely considered to be the top two prospects in the organization, despite the fact that the Braves minor league system ranked as one of the best in baseball prior to their arrivals. But as exciting as it is to dream on the futures of prospects, they are still just that, prospects. The fact that prospects are such volatile commodities makes it difficult to give the Braves a resounding A+, especially considering the fact that Simmons and Miller have a combined 8 years of control remaining. The risks associated with those deals are still very high, in spite of the upside that was acquired in return. Still, it is hard to ignore the considerable amount of controllable talent the Braves acquired this offseason, so for now I will give the Braves an A- for the offseason, but do so with a wait-and-see approach.

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  1. Dean Karukas

    A grade of A-? What a crock! This team is going lose 90+ games for the next few years and you give them an A-? I guess to you and all the Fantasy GMs out there your definition of winning is very different from the rest of the baseball fans.


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