Bargain Bin: Diving into Baseball’s Best Contracts

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AL East:

Baltimore Orioles:
Best: Adam Jones – 6 years, $85.5M (2013-2018)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Jones has already been worth over $101 million dollars in the first three years of his contract. The Orioles have already come out on top and still have Jones locked up for another three seasons.

Boston Red Sox:
Best: Dustin Pedroia – 8 years, $110 million (2014-2021)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Pedroia’s first two years of his contract have been valued at over $51 million. With six years remaining on his current deal, it appears that the Red Sox will safely reach – and most likely exceed – the $110 million they invested into Pedroia.

New York Yankees:
Best: Brett Gardner – 4 years, $52 million (2015-2018) + 2019 club option ($12.5M)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Gardner has only played one year of his contract, but has already been worth slightly over $20 million. Gardner only needs to be worth another $32 million over the next three seasons to reach his contract’s overall value.

Tampa Bay Rays:
Best: Chris Archer – 6 years, $25.5 million (2014-2019) + 2020/2021 club options ($9 million and $11 million, respectively)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Archer has been worth nearly $67 million over the first two years of his contract. Yes, Archer has almost tripled what the Rays will pay him over the six years of his deal in just two seasons. The Rays have to be thrilled to have Archer locked up until 2021 at an incredibly low price.

Toronto Blue Jays:
Best: Edwin Encarnacion – 3 years, $29 million (2013-2015) + 2016 club option ($10 million)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Encarnacion has been worth nearly $93 million over the first three years of his contract. Or triple what the Blue Jays have paid him. The Blue Jays have certainly gotten the most out of Encarnacion at an incredibly cheap price.

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