Bargain Bin: Diving into Baseball’s Best Contracts


(Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports)

AL Central:

Chicago White Sox:
Best: Jose Abreu – 6 years $68 million (2014-2019)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: In his first two seasons since coming over from Cuba, Jose Abreu has been worth $64.4 million – $4 million less than his total contract. And he still has another four years left.

Cleveland Indians:
Best: Corey Kluber – 5 years, $38.5 million (2015-2019) + 2020/2021 options ($13.5 million and $14 million)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Kluber was worth $44 million in his first year of this contract. Almost $6 million more than the total value of his five-year deal.

Detroit Tigers:
Best: Cameron Maybin – 5 years, $25 million (2012-2016) + 2017 club option ($9 million)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Maybin has been worth $18 million over the first four years of his current deal. He has not played for the Tigers in any of those seasons, however. Let’s just say that the Tigers do not have a lot of good contracts.

Kansas City Royals:
Best: Wade Davis – 4 years, $12.6 million (2011-2014) + 2015-2017 options – club options ($7 million, $8 million, and $10 million respectively)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Davis has been with the Royals for the past three years of his current deal. The Royals have paid Davis about $13 million over that span. Davis has been worth $49 million over that same span. Davis might be the best bargain in baseball.

Minnesota Twins:
Best: Brian Dozier – 4 years, $20 million (2015-2018)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Dozier was worth over $27 million during the first year of his deal. Or $7 million more than the value of his entire four-year deal. The Twins must be thrilled to have Dozier locked up at such a discount over the next three seasons.

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