Bargain Bin: Diving into Baseball’s Best Contracts


Barton Silverman/The New York Times

NL West:

Arizona Diamondbacks:
Best: Paul Goldschmidt – 5 years, $32 million (2014-2018) + 2019 $14.5 million club option
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Goldschmidt has been worth just over $92 million in the first two years of his deal – almost triple the value of his total contract. Goldschmidt is one of the best overall players in the game today and also has one of the most team friendly deals in all of baseball.

Colorado Rockies:
Best: Carlos Gonzalez – 7 years, $80 million (2011-2017)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Gonzalez has been worth just over $90 million since his contract started in 2011. The Rockies have already got a great return on investment and might look to increase that by dealing Gonzalez and his relatively reasonable contract.

LA Dodgers:
Best: Clayton Kershaw – 7 years, $215 million (2014-2020) or Yasiel Puig 7 years, $42 million (2012-2018)
FanGraphs Dollar Value: It is pretty hard to make a contract worth north of $215 million seem like a bargain. But that is exactly what Clayton Kershaw has done. In the first two years of his deal, he has been worth $124 million. And with no signs of slowing down, Kershaw should easily make this contract look like a steal once 2020 comes around.

San Diego Padres:
Best: N/A
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Frankly, the Padres have three of the worst contracts in baseball on their team – in Matt Kemp, James Shields, and Melvin Upton. Their flashy 2014-2015 offseason does not look so bright anymore.

San Francisco Giants:
Best: Madison Bumgarner – 5 years, $35 million (2013-2017) + 2018/2019 club options ($12 million) – 2018 option guaranteed with 200 IP in 2017 or 400 IP in 2016-2017
FanGraphs Dollar Value: Bumgarner has been worth $99 million over the first three years of his contract. The numbers do not really matter here, however, has Bumgarner basically single-handily won the World Series for the Giants in 2014. Oh, and he can hit too. Bumgarner will be in the Bay for a long time.

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