Top 10 Candidates for 2016 Comeback Player of the Year

Credit: Christian Peterson/AP Photo

Credit: Christian Peterson/AP Photo

American League

#5- Josh Hamilton

The former American League MVP never was productive in an Angels uniform. The Angels signed Hamilton to a $125 million dollar contract and the team almost immediately regretted it. He just seemed lost at the plate and looked very unhappy about being in Los Angeles.

Hamilton is back where he had his most productive years in Texas. If he can get it together mentally and put aside his off the field issues, he could be in store for a huge year in the middle of that potent Rangers lineup. He still swings a lethal bat but has gotten into bad habits of pulling off the ball and failing to use the whole field.

Hamilton only played in 50 games last season, hitting .253 with eight home runs and 25 runs batted in. He battled injuries all season and failed to get into any sort of groove all year long. His strikeout numbers are alarmingly on the rise as Hamilton struck out 52 times last season in 170 at bats. He will need to put the ball in play more.

The Rangers will likely rest him against tough lefties and that could also help keep him fresh. The sky is always the limit with Hamilton, but he is also capable of getting hurt and not being productive at all. Luckily for the Rangers, the Angels are paying most of his salary for the next two seasons.

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