5 Burning Questions for the St. Louis Cardinals


Jeff Curry/Getty Images North America

2. What can we expect from Randal Grichuk and Stephen Piscotty?

With Heyward having left, the Cardinals lost arguably their best, or at least most consistent, offensive presence, and now the eyes of management and fans will be turned towards young outfielders Randal Grichuk and Stephen Piscotty as they will try to fill the void. However, both have more than enough ability to fill the hole Heyward left. Grichuk (.276/.329/.548) showed a lot of potential ability in 2015, and if he hadn’t missed extended time in two DL stints, the 24-year-old probably would have finished closer to .285 and 25 homers, potential he could easily surpass in a full, healthy 2016. Grichuk is expected to be the Opening Day center fielder, and his power/speed blend could do incredible things for the offense.

Let’s not forget about Piscotty though — the 25-year-old slashed .305/.359/.494 in 63 games last season, and his steady approach will make him a staple in the 2016 lineup. Piscotty showed a lot of ability at the plate in limited action in 2015 and the Cardinals brass is excited about what he will be able to accomplish in a full season in right field.

Together, Piscotty and Grichuk have the potential to fill the offensive hole left by Heyward and carry the offense, if they can perform up to their potential the duo will certainly be sparking the offense in 2016.

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