Classic Threads: Baltimore Orioles

Baseball Comes Back to Baltimore: 1954-1965

Associated Press

Associated Press

Long forgotten was the fact that the original Baltimore Orioles played for a few seasons in the early 20th century. After a large gap, in 1954 the St. Louis Browns left the shadows of a Cardinals-dominated city to Baltimore. Here they became the city’s star attraction.

The inaugural 1954 season offered a one-year run of plain button-down uniforms (a modern interpretation of the jersey). The front script consisted of “Orioles” in a black-with-orange-trim cursive font with added tail.

By 1955 the home uniforms adopted the familiar slightly tilted “Orioles” cursive script in orange with black outline. The road uniforms had the same design for only the 1955 year. A front uniform number was added in 1958. These tops had a black spoonhead. The left sleeve had the capped oriole head.

The 1963 home uniforms took on a block script. The spoonhead was ditched on what was a plain, boring white jersey.

The 1956 road uniforms went to a city script. “Baltimore” was done in the same style as the home “Orioles” script. Also like the home uniform, the front player number was added in 1958.

The team wore one main hat design. The all-black lid  and the black-with-orange-brim lid featured an orange outlined oriole. In 1963, the team wore an orange “B” lid at home.

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