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New Caps For the Birds: 1966-1974

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Getty Images

The 1966 season brought some subtle changes to the uniforms.

The home white uniforms dropped the tail to the script seen in the previous era. The button down jersey went to a plain white, but added an orange and black collar around the neck. This would get thicker by 1971. The 1968 and 1969 seasons saw the team experiment with a white vest jersey and black undershirt.

The road grays went through a couple looks. Initially, the team kept the black spoonhead “Baltimore” script with tail design. By 1971 (back), when the team was moving away from flannel and into the double knits, the spoonhead was dropped. By 1973 the team was wearing a gray, mirror image to their home uniforms.

The team also adopted an all orange button down in 1971. It was styled after the “Orioles” scripted home and road jerseys. The team went all in with the orange pants.

The Orioles took to wearing the black cap with orange bill and a new oriole head mascot.

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