Classic Threads: Baltimore Orioles

New For the Nineties: 1989-2008

The Sporting News / Getty Images

The Sporting News / Getty Images

For the most part, the uniforms stayed true to the iconic look of the club’s “Orioles” script.

The home and away jerseys during this time maintained the symmetric look. The script was thicker and added the tail. The home color scheme remained the same, but the road went to black with an orange outline.

In 1995 the team would flip the colors on the script. The home whites went to a black with orange trim. The road uni’s took on an orange with black and white trim. Eventually the white outline was dropped on the road uni’s. By 2004, the home white went back to the orange and black outline script.

The team kept two different alternate uniforms. At first it was the orange top (now a button down). Then the team added a black jersey. They even updated the black top later in this era.

The team hat also went through a few changes. The earlier hat was a callback to the orange oriole design from the team’s inception. By 1995, they opted to go with a more realistic looking bird logo. The hat came with an orange brim on both bird designs. An alternate gray hat with black bill was also worn. The more noted alternate was the black with orange brim and orange “O’s” lid.

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