Classic Threads: Baltimore Orioles

Return to Greatness: 2009-Present

Associated Press

Associated Press

With this current set of Orioles uniforms, the team has embraced the team uniform identity.

The home white jerseys (back) kept the same orange “Orioles” script with black outline. The front number remained, keeping a sharp look.

The 2010 road jerseys featured the “Orioles” script that lone year. Every other season has seen the return of the “Baltimore” script on the front.

The team has kept both colored jersey tops (black and orange). I’m a big fan of how the orange jerseys look. The black tops are not too shabby.

The left sleeve patch added was a circle Maryland flag with “Baltimore Orioles” circling it. I wonder if that’s a shot at the Washington Nationals, since D.C. is not a part of Maryland.

The Orioles have worn a multitude of hats during this era as well. The full-bodied bird was the main hat at first. The black with orange “O’s” hat has stayed an alternate. The team now wears the revived retro styles of the capped mascot logo. At home the black-with-white-front-panel lid is worn. On the road it’s the black lid being donned. Great to see that hat make a comeback.

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