Nationals vs. Mets: Position-by-Position Breakdown

World Series - Kansas City Royals v New York Mets - Game Three

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Center Field — Ben Revere vs. Yoenis Cespedes

We get it — Yoenis Cespedes is not really a center fielder. He should be playing left or right field.

Advanced defensive metrics be damned, Cespedes will be the center fielder in New York. He emerged as an offensive juggernaut for the Mets after the trade that sent him over from Detroit. Cespedes wanted to be a Met more than anything else this offseason, and he got his wish. His bat gives the Mets at least one dynamic presence, and will continue to make everyone else around him better. The numbers he put up in 57 games with the Mets last year are obviously unsustainable, but Cespedes should be good for at least 30 home runs and 100 RBIs. The Mets can afford to overpay on a short-term deal because their starting pitching remains so, so cheap.

For the Nationals, finding a true leadoff man should have been a priority this offseason after losing Denard Span. Revere fits that mold. He doesn’t walk, hits mostly singles, and steals bases. He is essentially the perfect leadoff man for Dusty Baker. The new-school metrics do not have a ton of love for Revere’s game, but he will give Washington 180-200 hits and steal 40-50 bases. In the outfield, his arm is not great but he is rangy. Revere is probably best suited to play left field to hide his weak throwing arm.

Cespedes and Revere both fill a need for their respective teams, but Cespedes is obviously the more impactful player overall.

The Verdict: Cespedes

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