Classic Threads: Boston Red Sox

The Best in Baseball: 1901-1932

Chicago History Museum / Getty Images

Chicago History Museum / Getty Images

While many of us associate the Red Sox with a long string of losing seasons, postseason heartbreak, they were one of the best teams when World Series play started. During this run they also had some impressive uniforms.

The Red Sox did wear blank front jerseys in the teens and twenties, in both plain white and pinstripe. Fortunately this was not a regular look for them.

Most of their uniforms said “Boston” on the front. From 1901 to 1907, it was in a navy arched font. From 1909 to 1911, it was in a red arched font. I liked it’s simple but colorful look.

The 1902 jerseys both had “BA” in an old English script. They were navy  (a red version was worn as a 1908 alternate) and had a classic look with the laced front collar.

The 1908 home and away jerseys had the red “Boston” sock on the font. Not too shabby a look itself.

From then on the team wore “Red Sox” in red on the home and away jerseys. Both were done in pinstripes and plain jerseys. A navy accent was added to the 1931 jerseys. A different font was placed on the 1932 jerseys.

Some of the hats worn included a white or gray pinstriped hat with red brim and red sock logo. The early teams wore a white hat with horizontal blue stripe or stripes on the hat. For the most part a blank white or gray pinstriped hat with red brim or the plain white hat (sometimes with red brim) was constant.

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