Classic Threads: Boston Red Sox

Navy and a Red “B”: 1933-1945

Associated Press

Associated Press

The Red Sox combined the blue and red to create the iconic look for the team.

The home white unforms took on the stylized “Red Sox” arched script in red with navy accent. The jerseys also had the red spoonhead (save for 1935 which did not have it), giving it a clean look.

The road grays took on a few different looks. The 1933 season had the same “Red Sox” script as the home (I searched high and low but could not find proof of this aside from drawings). The 1934 had a differently styled “Boston” script with red spoonhead. The 1935 jersey had no spoonhead and featured “Boston” in red. By 1936 the “Boston” script went to navy with a red trim (the spoonhead returned). From 1938 on, the plain gray jersey have a block styled “Boston” on the front.

The team hat was a navy blue cap with a red “B” logo.

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