Classic Threads: Boston Red Sox

Keeping it Classic: 1990-Present

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Very little changed during this era.

The home white uniforms remained the same. Why bother fixing a jersey that is not broke. Through heartache and triumph, it’s still a great uniform.

The road grays went through a few alterations during this run. The red with navy trim “Boston” script stayed with the team through 2007. For a few seasons (back) the “Boston” script went to navy. They recently went back to the red and navy trim.

The team has also worn both navy (back) and red (back) alternate uniforms. Both jerseys look great, though I prefer the red over the blue top.

The main cap worn was the iconic navy lid. They did wear a white hat with navy brim late in the nineties. Recently they added a navy socks logo cap.

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