Classic Threads: New York Yankees

New York’s Highlanders: 1903-1917

George Grantham Bain Collection / Library of Congress

George Grantham Bain Collection / Library of Congress

The Yankees started off as the Highlanders, a team salvaged from Baltimore. The team did not change its moniker to the Yankees until 1913.

The first few seasons saw the Highlanders with a stylized “NY” across the chest in large letters. The home uniforms were in black and eventually navy letters. The road jersey was a navy jersey then went to a gray top with black letters.

The 1905 jerseys had the earliest interlocking “NY” chest logos. The “NY” logo we are more accustomed to was introduced as a sleeve logo in 1909. It would return to the chest in 1912. That jersey was in white, gray (the modern interpretation) and pinstripes.

The earliest “New York” arched script jerseys were introduced in 1911 as a road gray. It would also be a road pinstripe and have a more stylized font as well.

The home jersey in 1916 went to a blank front white with dark pinstripes design.

The “NY” logo hat took on many different designs and colors in the early years. With the iconic navy hat, to pinstripes, to even navy with a red “NY”, the team went through many looks.

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