Five Things that Must go Right for the Nationals to Make the Playoffs in 2016

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals

Credit: Mitchell Layton / Getty Images North America

Werth, Zimmerman, and Rendon stay healthy.

Between the three of them, Jayson Werth, Ryan Zimmerman, and Anthony Rendon were expected to help Bryce Harper carry the team last year. Instead, all three were bitten extremely hard by the injury bug. Combined, they played in only 262 games and batted just .244. Werth posted an OPS+ of just 84, Rendon sluggged over 100 points lower than he did en route to the Silver Slugger award in 2014, and Zimmerman barely kept his on-base percentage above .300.

Needless to say, this trio must stay on the field and out of the training room for the Nationals to propel themselves past the New York Mets in 2016. Werth and Zimmerman are getting older and may need to be spelled a few times a month. Rendon, the youngest of the bunch, figures to be the most important. If he is able to rediscover his power stroke, Bryce Harper will have some legitimate support in the middle of the lineup.

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