Classic Threads: Tampa Bay Rays

Baseball Comes to Tampa: 1998-2000

Tony Gutierrez / Associated Press

Tony Gutierrez / Associated Press

When baseball made its way to Tampa, the team was known as the Devil Rays. The uniforms embraced sports in the nineties: black accents, purple, gradient colors, and a questionable nickname. The jerseys took on a similar look.

The home white jerseys took on a basic style. The plain white jersey featured the “Devil Rays” script logo with black ray logo underneath. The script was a gradient of blue to green to yellow with a purple trim. The back name and number was purple with white and black trim.

The road gray uniforms took a nearly identical look. “Tampa Bay” was the front script, with accompanying ray. The color scheme for the script was the same gradient. The back of the jersey was done in black with white and purple trim.

A black alternate jersey (back) was worn as well. It had a very nineties look to it.

Two different hat styles were worn. The first season saw the team wear hats with the ray logo on the front in either an all black or the purple bill style. The final season of this era, the team wore an all black hat with “TB” and ray logo.

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