Classic Threads: Tampa Bay Rays

Sunbursts City: 2008-Present

Rick Osentoski / USA TODAY Sports

Rick Osentoski / USA TODAY Sports

When the team was purchased in 2007, the first move the new ownership made was renaming the team the Rays. No longer would the squad be associated with manta rays. Instead the moniker would mean the sun’s rays. A sunburst alternate logo was introduced.

Both the home (back) and away (back) uniforms have a symmetrical style. The new blue-with-light-blue accented “Rays” script also includes a yellow sunburst on the R. Both jerseys have a navy spoonhead.

For alternates, the team has both a navy-blue (back) and light-blue jersey. The spoonhead remains on both (the navy top in light blue and vice versa) while keeping the new “Rays” script.

Given this is a recent franchise, the team created seventies-styled retro alternates. In a navy-and-light-blue softball jersey design to a throwback Padres uni, the front script pays homage to the San Diego club. “Tampa Bay Rays” and a yellow front player number is a cool look. They even had a yellow-sleeved version of this faux throwback.

The new hat worn is a simple but smooth looking navy cap with white with light blue trim TB. A faux-retro alternate lid done in a navy with front panel in light blue style. The TB logo is navy with a yellow spoke wheel fill in the “b.” The 2014 faux-retro hat featured a white front panel on the powder blue lid.

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