Backward K Episode 05: Coping With Depression Through Baseball

The fifth episode of our podcast is by far the most important one we have recorded thus far. In the shadow of Wednesday’s “Bell Let’s Talk” campaign which raised almost $6.3 million, we decided to focus on bringing some more awareness to mental health by talking to a couple people who have suffered from depression and anxiety but found a bit of healing through watching their favorite baseball teams.

Baseball Essential’s own Zach Bernard wrote a fantastic article on Wednesday in which he shared his story about struggling with depression and finding solace through baseball. He joined us on the show to go a little deeper into that story. Then, our friend Connor Guercio of Baltimore Sports Report, who also has a history of mental illness, joined us for a similar discussion. We talked with him a bit about two high-profile athletes who have suffered from mental illness: Zack Greinke and Ken Griffey Jr., who our own Steve Benko also wrote about last week.

For the reasons listed above, I believe this episode of our podcast is worth listening to. If you’re going to listen to just one of our podcasts, this one is it.

The discussion was not completely emotional, though. As always, we started the show by recapping some baseball news, such as the trades made in the past week involving the Colorado Rockies, Tampa Bay Rays, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Milwaukee Brewers. At one point in the show, we even had some fun talking about Kanye West and the National Hockey League. Why? Well, I don’t really know, but it was fun.

Mental illness is something that is important for people to understand. If you don’t have time to listen to this podcast, I highly recommend at least reading Zach’s article that I linked above.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Backward K – Episode 05 – feat. Zach Bernard and Connor Guercio

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