Classic Threads: Atlanta Braves

The First Pullovers: 1972-1979

Louis Requena / Getty Images

Louis Requena / Getty Images

By the early seventies, the Braves took a different approach to their uniforms. Transitioning from navy to a royal blue and going to a softball pullover design left the franchise with an iconic look.

The home (back) and away jerseys from 1972 to 1975 were symmetrical in design. The tops alternated between blue and white with the body and sleeves allowing for a feather design going up both sleeves. The “Braves” script and numbers were done in blue with white and red trim on the home uniforms and white with red trim on the road uniforms. The jerseys were done in both a buttoned henley and V-neck collar. Also notable that the team used two different number and script fonts on the jerseys (Home 1, Home 2, Road 1, Road 2).

The team changed both jerseys in 1976.

The home white went to a white with red pinstripe V-neck. The front script and numbers went to a blue with white and red trim scheme. The road gray (back) kept the shirt sleeve feather design. Now the sleeves were blue on the gray jersey and “Atlanta” was the front script in cursive. The script and numbers were in blue with white and red trim. They did not look bad on Ted Turner during his short managerial career. They go along with Turner-based gimmicks, and the team even experimented with nicknames on the back of jerseys. Turned also introduced larger “TV numbers,” hoping to make his players more marketable for a nationwide TV audience.

The team also went with a new white front-panel hat. In royal blue with the white front, a lowercase “A” in red with white and blue trim was the team’s cap.

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