Classic Threads: Atlanta Braves

Powder Blue V-necks: 1980-1986

Photo File / Getty Images

Photo File / Getty Images

The eighties saw a toned-down, though still vibrant, style for the Braves.

The home white jerseys were very similar to the previous era’s pinstripe jersey. Now the pinstripes were gone and the red collar and hem on the sleeves went to a red-white-blue scheme. The script and numbers are still in blue with white and red trim. Not a bad look at all.

The road uniforms went to a powder blue V-neck. The script and numbers are in blue with white trim. The 1980 season had the “A” in a cursive script but went the the stylized “A”, as seen on the hats the year after.

The team kept the white front panel hats for the 1980 season. After that they went to a blue hat with a white “A” on the road, a white with red trim “A” for home.

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