Classic Threads: Atlanta Braves

Spoonheads & Tomahawk Chops: 1987-Present

Kevork Djansezian / Associated Press

Kevork Djansezian / Associated Press

During this era the Braves have gone back to their uniform roots. The clean but deep design of their current uniforms has become a staple of baseball. It’s no wonder they haven’t changed their jerseys in nearly thirty years.

The home white jerseys went to the classic spoonhead (in navy and red) and tomahawk look. The “Braves” script goes largely unchanged in a red with navy trim style and detailed tomahawk underneath. The back of the jersey had the player name in an arched navy font while the number was done in red with navy outline.

The road grays feature the same spoonhead (also in navy and red) and tomahawk look. “Atlanta” stays on the front in a red with navy trim. The back of the jersey also features the arched navy surname and player number in red with navy trim. A cool look no matter what season it is. It appears there was also a gray “Braves” road uniform worn in 1988.

An alternate home cream (back) jersey has been a recent staple. Designed to look like the earliest Atlanta uniforms, it has a navy spoonhead and a front player number in red and navy. The back is laid out the same as the regular home jersey.

There has also been a red jersey as well. The spoonhead goes to navy and white along with the front script and back player number. I love how the tomahawk looks with the jersey color.

A navy blue top (back) has been a popular alternate for the team. With “Atlanta” and the back number in navy with white, it pays homage to the old powder blue jerseys.

The main and for many years the only hat was the navy with red bill and white “A” cap. In 2009, the team added an all-navy cap, which was a nice touch. An “A” with tomahawk hat was worn with the red alternate tops.

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