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A Marlins Makeover: 2003-2011

Jon Way / USA TODAY Sports

Jon Way / USA TODAY Sports

The team decided to update and also make the jersey front more uniform.

The home uniforms, now white with a black pinstripe featured “Marlins” in a new color scheme. The front script with tail, front number, player name and back number were black with silver and teal outlines. A more aggressive look on the field.

The road grays went to the same black with silver and teal scheme. The plain gray jersey had “Florida” across the front while the front number, name and back number remained uniform with the home jersey. They also wore jerseys with a “Marlins” script.

Florida also wore a pinstripe marlin “F” logo on the chest as an alternate. It does not do much for me, it’s very boring and nondescript.

They also wore black alternate tops with “Marlins” in a silver based font. I’m not a fan of these either, since it’s very simple but dull despite the colors involved.

At this point the black hat with the marlin “F” was the team’s only cap.

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