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The Miami Color Machine: 2012-Present

Rob Tringali / SportsChrome / Getty Images

Rob Tringali / SportsChrome / Getty Images

The Marlins went with a name change in 2012. To better represent the area, the team would now be called the Miami Marlins. The old marlin logo would be replaced with a colorful marlin hopping over an “M”. The jerseys would take a cue from the new logo.

The home white (back) jerseys, in a rare move, would have “Miami” on the front. The script with the marlin over the “M” would be in black with orange, blue and yellow accents. The back of the jersey had the name in black with white trim and the number in black with orange drop shadow.

The road gray (back) jerseys would have a similar set up like the home whites. The front script is white on this top. Even the back of the jersey have the same color scheme.

A black alternate (back) jersey flips some of the colors seen. “Miami” and the back player name are in a white based font. The back number is is orange with a black drop shadow with a white outline. It’s a better black jersey than their old Florida designs.

The orange alternates (back) are the only jerseys with “Marlins” on the front. The fish goes between the “L” and the “I” on the front. The back name is in black with white trim while the number is black with a blue drop shadow and white outline. A very popular look with the players.

The left sleeve on all the jerseys has the new “M” logo patch.

With the new marlin hopping over the “M” logo, the team has been wearing hats in black, orange and black with an orange brim on the field. Very colorful, unless you cannot stomach a bright orange.

Next up will be the New York Mets

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